Prowess Foundation was created as part of our vision to create a strong business with a mandate to redress the socio-economic inequalities in South Africa. The Foundation seeks to deliver impactful, socio-economic transformation and uplift marginalised individuals and communities. We see the business and corporate social responsibility are as inseparable.


Prowess Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Kelebogile Moloko, has driven the vision for the Foundation, supported by the Board, employees and key stakeholders.

“After spending 10 years in the financial services industry, I realised that the socio-economic narrative for many people wasn’t changing. We have a lot of resources in the investment management industry and banking sector, yet so many people continue to live in poverty with little or no access to basic infrastructure, employment, and amenities. I wanted to shift the gauge,” says Moloko.

Prowess invests a portion of its profits into projects that promote socio-economic development, prioritising organisations and communities that cannot access commercial funding. It seeks sustainable investments targeted towards SMME development, innovative entrepreneurial opportunities, education and training initiatives, and initiatives focused on the restoration of individuals.



Our past successes have included:

Young Pioneer Internships: through our internships to aspiring Finance professionals we seek to provide practical experiences that bridge the gap between the theory of the classroom and the world of work. We do so through a supportive, friendly environment in which our interns learn and acquire necessary disciplines for the future.

Community Outreach: participating in efforts to feed the homeless and less fortunate, allowing participants to share their compassion and faith with recipients.

We recognise that a more comprehensive response, adding other life enabling support systems such as providing shelter, skills and dignity are the starting point for uplifting individuals, leading ultimately to empowerment and responsibility.  We intend to embark on more holistic projects as we secure more resources.


Get involved

We invite you to join us on our quest because, working together, we can achieve much more.

We are actively looking for funding partners and volunteers for our Foundation. If you are interested in contributing to the development of the South African economy through a fresh, practical approach, please get in touch.

+27 21 565 0065

Our New Prowess Foundation website is currently under construction – stay tuned!

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