Solutions for Personal Investing

We have an investment product for everyone’s unique needs. Our goal is to make investing accessible and easy for beginners and seasoned investors alike. Whether you are saving towards your dream home, your children’s education, or a comfortable retirement, we have a product designed to suit your investment needs. Our investment specialists are highly experienced in managing funds and are committed to helping you achieve financial independence and create sustainable generational wealth. We offer simple and tailored investment solutions to help you build a better financial future for you and future generations. Our funds are structured to generate sustainable returns while managing risk.

You can start building your financial future by investing as little as R500 a month or a lumpsum of R5000.

Start your Investment Journey

Learn more about the principles of investing with us, our investment process, and which fund might be right for you.

Saving Towards Education

Products to choose from based on short-term, medium-term and long-term goals.

Tax Free Investments

Start tax-free investing or transfer a tax-free investment.

Looking for a Product that provides Income and Growth?

Growth and income funds pursue both capital appreciation and current income i.e. Interest from bonds and dividends.

Looking for an Investment that provides an Income Stream?

Funds that give you the ability to foster a sense of income predictability by receiving an income stream through assets such as bonds, dividend stocks and/or property investments.

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