Tax Free Investments

Tax-free investments act as an incentive to encourage more people to start saving. Investors do not pay tax on the growth of investments (interest, dividends, and capital gains) over the long-term. If you are already investing for the long-term and already paying tax on income and capital gains, you can benefit by investing in our tax-free investment vehicles through our unit trusts. We provide investors with a wide choice of investment products with unrestricted access to their money throughout the investment cycle. You can also transfer a tax-free investment from another financial services provider to us.

There are no restrictions on how many tax-free investments one can have, however the maximum amount you can put into your account per tax year is capped at R36 000 per annum, with a lifetime maximum of R500 000. These products also have benefits in terms of estate planning purposes where your investment can be paid to your beneficiaries immediately with no executor fees payable.

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