Solutions for Institutional Investing

At Prowess we understand that our clients have different investment goals and requirements. Our wide range of customisable products leverage our extensive market intelligence to allow us to meet your unique requirements. We have built an impeccable track record of developing innovative products across various asset classes that meet our client’s risk and return objectives as well as all mandatory requirements.

We manage client funds through our unique and tested investment approach, while our investment strategy is tailored to individual client needs. As a bold and forward-thinking investment firm that is rooted in Africa, we also offer our clients an opportunity to contribute towards transforming the South African economy through smart and sustainable impact investing.

Specialist Fixed Income Strategies

Our fixed income portfolios are managed to produce real return rates or periodic income, received at regular intervals and at reasonably predictable levels. We invest in cash, money market and bond instruments.

Impact Investing Strategies

An empowered vision for investment. At Prowess, we believe that impact investing is the key to economic transformation. We strive to ensure that every investment positively impacts the investor while also promoting socio-economic development.


Our equity portfolios are managed to invest in selected equities in South Africa, and aim to earn higher returns than the agreed benchmark.

Multi-Asset Class

Our multi-asset class investments can be combined to match investor’s risk appetite and investment needs. Our blended portfolios combine the strengths of different asset classes to earn the best returns.

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