Our Story

Your preferred innovative investment partner that sustainably creates wealth and socio-economic change

We are an independent investment management firm pioneering principles of investing for economic and social impact through investment solutions that maximise financial returns for our clients over the long- term.

With in-depth expertise, our business has grown organically to become one of South Africa’s preferred specialist investment management firms, offering investment products and solutions in various asset classes to a diverse client base.

Under the guidance of a diverse Board made up of seasoned industry and business leaders, our experienced team of investment specialists are at the core of our success in managing our clients’ funds efficiently and offering tailor made products and solutions for personal and institutional investors alike.

With Prowess, you can be certain that you are partnering with a credible investment manager that customises financial products and services for superior investment performance while complying with all industry and regulatory requirements.

Our ground-breaking story began in 2009. As the first female black owned investment management firm in South Africa, we established a bold agenda to successfully build a sustainable business model with an impressive track record towards a brand that has local, continental, and global ambitions.

Today our team relishes being located at the tip of the African continent in Cape Town, South Africa, as a strategic position in identifying investment opportunities with a view of creating value for our clients to thrive.

“After spending 10 years in the financial services industry, I realised that the socio-economic narrative for many people wasn’t changing. We have a lot of resources in the investment management industry and banking sector, yet so many people continue to live in poverty with little or no access to basic infrastructure, employment, and amenities. I wanted to do my bit for the industry to shift the gauge,” says Moloko.

The company’s ownership is shared by staff, the Founder, and the Prowess Foundation, which was envisioned as an inseparable entity of Prowess. Prowess invests a portion of its profits into the Prowess Foundation towards selected causes, for sustainable socio-economic development, prioritising organisations and communities that cannot access commercial funding.

One of Prowess’ priorities is to transform and demystify the investment industry, opening it up to first-time investors that are new to financial markets, leading to inclusive economic participation. We pride ourselves on making our products relevant, transparent, and accessible to all.

Recognition within the industry with awards such as Emerging Asset Manager of the Year (2015), Leading Women Owned Company of the Year (2018), as well as Fixed Income Fund of the Year (2018) reflects our staying power and performance.

These recognitions endorse our enduring drive to create and deliver value for investors within a robust, reliable, and repeatable investment framework. 

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